Tuesday, October 1, 2013

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The 5dollarwonder program is perfect for a newbie someone just starting out online, but it is also a great program for an expert
especially if you want to make some fast cash. 
Okay now I’m going to reveal to you exactly how to make paypal money fast with the 5dollarwonder program. The reason it’s so easy to make money with this program is because it’s really affordable, anybody with any budget can afford this program. 
With the entry fee only costing $5 a lot of people are attracted to the program, and the fact that it pays out a whooping 100% commission on every sale is very rare online.
There are 3 different ways you can make money with the 5dollarwonder program…
1.) You can make $5 per month one time upfront reselling the program itself
2.) You can sell each product that comes with the program for $5 each
3.) You can sell banner advertising space on your 5dollarwonder website for $5
So as you can see this program show you how to make paypal money fast.
You can make a fortune with the 5dollarwonder program just reselling the program, but the fact that they let you make money selling their products and banner advertising space on your website is absolutely amazing.
O yeah just in case I didn’t mention it every sale you make with the 5dollarwonder program you get to keep 100% commission how awesome is that.
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If you sell digital products online you are no doubt aware of the two most popular affiliate networks, ClickBank and PayDotCom.
While both of these are great and I highly recommend each of them, today I came across a brand new service that really caught my attention.
It's called PaySpree and the reason it caught my attention is that ALL its members get paid for their sales instantly.
And they can choose whether to be paid by PayPal, AlertPay or Credit Card. Even affiliates get paid for their referred sales instantly.
I expect it to become quite a hit as the lure of 'instant commissions' played a big part in the massive success of products such as 7DollarSecrets and the RapidActionProfits scripts. And PaySpree offers even more than what you get with those.
I've actually come across products for sale that are just lists of affiliate programs that pay instant paypal commission.
And I've seen many threads in the various internet marketing forums asking about where to find instant commission affiliate programs.
Now there is an entire site and marketplace dedicated to them. As soon as you become a member you can start promoting any product in the marketplace, and you can add your own products so affiliates can promote them for you.
All commission payments are handled automatically by PaySpree, it sounds like a winner to me.
I've just signed up and had a look around the site and it seems pretty simple and non cluttered, check it out at the link below and let me know what you think:  http://payspree.com/r/71300
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